Fire Safety DVD

If your job involves instructing others in fire safety, evacuation measures, how to slow a fire's progress and the fact that not all smoke is as harmless as smoke from a BBQ.... then this DVD will make your job a lot easier. Fire Safety will help you demonstrate how potentially dangerous situations can be managed. The emphasis is on keeping people safe by knowing what to do in a fire emergency. This DVD lets you cover a lot of basic information very effectively, and you'll have your audience laughing as they learn.

Some of the scenarios are set in domestic situations to show that fire strategies are just as important in homes as they are at work. It also encourages your audience to pass on the information to their families therefore re-inforcing what they've learnt from you. Fire Safety shows how to extinguish a pan fire on a stove, clothes catching alight from a heater. The DVD covers use of fire extinguishers and other basic fire fighting equipment, flammable fumes, raising the alarm, first aid for burns..... If your aim is to make sure everyone knows what to do in a fire emergency this is the DVD for you. It will make your training more interesting, more effective and give you more time to cover location-specific issues.

Scripting and filming for this DVD was conducted under the supervision of professional fire and safety experts. Fire Safety won the International 'Golden Firefighter' Award for the best fire prevention DVD. Add that extra dimension to your Fire Training by including this very entertaining and effective Fire Safety DVD.



"I have been training personnel from a wide range of industries for many years, I now include 'Fire Safety' as part of all fire prevention and protection programs"

Robert Dalgleish, Safety Training Instructor

"This DVD addresses a wide range of extremely important basic information and skills that are useful at home or in any workplace."

Ken Mines, Fire Officer


Duration 20 minutes DVD price AUD $220 (inc. GST).
School price also available.

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