CPR Training

Designed as a training aid for professional first aid instructors, 'CPR Training' is also suitable for reinforcing and revising CPR techniques.

This program uses a mix of demonstration and state-of-the-art animation to explain why, when and how to perform CPR. The animation is used to show the 'hidden' elements of the process, like how oxygen is extracted from a breath and transported to the brain.

This innovative resource has been produced in consultation with first aid training professionals to make sure all elements are correct. There's also a bit of 'light-heartedness' to ensure the audience enjoy watching the program and as a consequence enjoy learning and revising CPR.

This program:

  • shows the checks that precede CPR
  • gives real time and slow-motion demonstrations of compressions and rescue breaths
  • demonstrates the use of AEDs
  • explains DRS ABCD.

CPR Training reinforces and complements the information given by instructors. It is also an excellent resource for revision.

The program is popular with both audience and trainers, and so becomes a valuable asset in the delivery of memorable, quality CPR Training. It makes CPR courses more enjoyable and effective.

CPR instructors applaud the clarity of description and the way CPR Training holds the audience's attention from start to finish.

Those who watch this DVD remember how to do CPR.

Cost: $200.00 plus $20.00 GST

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