Times Tables Activity Book

Times tables activities are the fun way to learn and practise multiplication tables

Activity Book

This multiplication Tables Activity Book is highly recommended by teachers, maths tutors and parents. Each activity is designed to be fun to do and to help children memorise a particular table.

The book contains over 80 pages of activities which are varied and challenging and may involve solving a puzzle, breaking a code, using colours to discover a hidden picture .... they�re all different. But as each one is completed your child will have considered and used many multiplication facts and had a lot of fun doing it!!! In class, children often finish one and ask for another, that�s how entertaining the times table activity sheets are.

This Tables Activity Book is the choice of teachers. Copyright allows them to hand out copies of the pages to their students in class. Parents can copy the pages from their book too, so the activities can be used again and again.

Maths tutors also use and recommend these times table activities because they are so effective. Their students learn the multiplication tables very quickly. Achieving results fast is great for the students� self esteem and maths confidence.

Your child will enjoy maths once the basics are in place and that starts with knowing the times tables.

Memorising the times tables is easy for some children.... more difficult for others, but it doesn�t have to be boring for anyone. These tables activity pages are fun to do.

Here�s a free sample page. See for yourself how your child enjoys it.

The activities in this Tables Activity Book are also available on CD-ROM.
With the Activity CD-ROM, you can print the activity pages directly from a computer.

The Tables Activity Book and the Tables Activity CD-ROM each cost just $24.95. A very small price to have your child enjoying times tables and memorising them fast.

Use the safe online order and you�ll have your Activity Book or the Activity CD ROM in just a few days. Then watch your child enjoy learning the times tables. And very soon all the multiplication tables will be committed to memory.


Tables Activity Book - 80 pages of maths activities and puzzles ORDER NOW
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Activity Book
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Activity CD-ROM

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