The fun way to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Easy Maths

The EasyMaths CD-ROM contains games, activities and challenges to help your child master the basics of maths........ and have fun while learning.

Maths teachers and maths tutors report that students become totally involved in the activities on this CD-ROM and as a consequence spend longer working on the activities. More time means more learning !!

Students can learn and practise:

And they can mix them up to make the activities even more interesting.

EasyMaths is an attention holder with:

And with each activity students increase their maths knowledge and speed up their reaction time.

Because the user can choose the function, change the timing and select which numbers are to be used ...... the programs become suitable for a wide range of students, from primary to adult. It is excellent for students who have fallen a bit behind their class and need to catch up. That�s one reason it�s the choice of Maths tutors.

EasyMaths also has a built-in report function. At the end of a session a report can be generated to show all equations attempted and those not answered correctly on the first try. This report is a tremendous help when determining in what areas more work is needed. Teachers use it as a reference when report writing.

The success EasyMaths has in helping students understand and master basic maths principles is largely due to the time they spend using the program. And because the activities are engaging and fun, they choose to spend a lot of time. EasyMaths definitely helps students increase speed and accuracy in maths.

If you want your child to enjoy maths, to succeed in learning the times tables and master addition, subtraction and division.......... in other words become competent at basic maths and ready to move forward. ..... EasyMaths is the program you�re looking for !!! Proven, recommended and enjoyed.

EasyMaths costs $44.95. Use the safe order form and you�ll have your copy in just a few days.

Sorry, Mac version of EasyMaths is not available


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Easy Maths

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