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Our maths products are produced in Australia. They are all designed to be fun because if children enjoy an activity they'll use it often and as a result, learn quickly. These products have a proven record of helping students learn maths basics ..... multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. Teachers use them in class and recommend them. Parents use them at home to put some fun into their children's maths and to accelerate learning.

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Available Maths Products

Table Tunes CD - Multiplication songs....our most popular product

Listen to the 5 times table

The Table Tunes songs are also available from itunes:

Table Tunes

Tables Activity Book - 80 pages of math activities and puzzles

Download this free printable math worksheet sample page

Activity Book
Tables Activity CD-ROM - Multiplication games and puzzles to print from a computer ORDER NOW
Activity CD-ROM
EasyMaths CD-ROM - fun ways to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division ORDER NOW
Easy Maths