Greek Island Of Spotses
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Summary of products

Our Maths products are designed to help children enjoy learning and succeed at maths. They include a CD featuring the multiplication tables to music, an interactive maths CD-ROM to help children improve in multiplication, division, subtraction and addition and a time tables activity book (also on CD-ROM) full of fun ways to learn and improve maths.

For children about to start reading we have an audio CD of alphabet songs that will help primary school students learn the sounds of the alphabet ..... phonics, to give children a sound base to their early reading.

Our CPR Training DVD is used and recommended for first aid training for both CPR revision and CPR instruction. It is a highly regarded training resource for emergency services, first aid training and OH&S managers.

The Fire Safety DVD is being used for fire safety instruction by fire wardens and OH&S officers. With this fire emergency training resource, the audience learns how to manage numerous fire emergency situations.

Our Dementia DVD will show aged-care providers and staff at residential care facilities policies and strategies that can make their work more enjoyable while providing the very best care for those with dementia.

The Greek Book - Aged Care Translations aims to bridge the communication gap between elderly Greek-speaking people and their carers during those times when an interpreter is not available.