Alphabet Songs CD

Children learn to read quickly once they learn the alphabet sounds. The Soupy Sounds alphabet songs provide a fun way to achieve this.

Alphabet Songs

The Soupy Sounds Alphabet Songs have been created by experts in early reading programs and early childhood education. Whether at home, at playgroup, pre-school, kindergarten or primary school, children need to learn the alphabet sounds in order to progress with their reading. There are 26 alphabet tunes on this CD - a different song for each letter of the alphabet. They�re fun to sing and easy to learn. The alphabet songs help children learn phonics�� alphabet sounds. These songs definitely help children learn to read. Early reading and enjoyment of reading will quickly follow.

The Soupy Sounds Alphabet Songs are recommended by teachers for use at home, playgroup, pre-school, kindergarten and primary school. Alphabet Songs help children learn to love reading.


Soupy Sounds Alphabet Songs CD - Alphabet sounds to music AU$24.95
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Alphabet Songs


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